New Born DUO 0-2


Barcode: 825
Our smallest and lightest design, specifically designed for babies under two months of age. Extra-small silicone teat and ergonomic shape.



Newborn Soother

At Medela Baby, we understand that every baby is different and we try to provide dedicated products for every need. Our NEWBORN soother has been developed with experts, specifically for babies under two months of age. It is extra lightweight. The teat and the shield are extra small to fit your baby’s needs at this early stage of life.

At a glance

  • SWISS QUALITY Developed with experts and made with love in Switzerland   
  • TEAT, ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR NEWBORN Extra small, soft and flexible teat, for early tongue muscle development. 
  • VENT HOLES Allows baby’s skin to breathe for a gentler feel on the skin. Especially lightweight, designed for newborns
  • SENSOPEARLS™ Reduce the risk of redness and skin irritation for a gentler feel on the skin.
  • EXTRA-SMALL ERGONOMIC SHAPE Easy, natural breathing. Smelling mum's comforting scent. Especially lightweight
  • 3 MIN STERILISING BOX Included for easy cleaning and transport
  • MADE WITHOUT BPA AND BPS Safe for your baby
  • NO RING SHIELD DESIGN Less distraction and especially lightweight

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