Harmony Essential Pack Manual Breast Pump (Flex)





The Harmony™ Essentials Pack combines everything mums need for breast milk pumping, storing and feeding in one breast pump set.
• Compact, light and portable
• Discreet and quiet
• Simple to use and clean

What's included:
• 1x Harmony manual breast pump with PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield (size M) and 150 ml bottle
• 1x silicone teat with protective cap
• 4x breast milk storage bags for collecting, storing and freezing your milk
• 4x ultra-thin nursing pads to protect your bra from leaks
• 2-Phase Expression technology

For more information on the World Health Organization’s recommendation on breastfeeding duration visit www.medela.com/who

How to clean, assemble and use Harmony™ Manual Breast Pump

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