Swing Maxi Flex





Quick, portable and easy to use
For mums who need that extra bottle in half the time. This portable double electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology is ideal – whether you’re aiming to maintain your supply, need help coping with issues affecting your breastfeeding, or simply want more time with your baby and less time pumping.
• Light and compact double electric breast pump
• Easy and intuitive to use with PersonalFit Flex breast shields for a pumping experience personalised for you
• Overflow protection (closed system) prevents breast milk entering the tubing and motor

1 x Swing Maxi motor unit
1 x mains adapter
2 x 150 ml bottle with lid
2 x bottle stand
2 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector
1x Swing Maxi Flex™ tubing
2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
1 x Instruction Guide Swing Flex™/Swing maxi Flex™
1 x Quick Card

Watch this video on how to use Swing Maxi Flex double electric breast pump.

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